Thanks, Grandma

by Heaps Keen

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released August 8, 2017

Hamish - Guitar
Jens - Guitar
Levi - Lyrics, lead vocals
Rob - Bass, vocals
Cesar - Drums

Recorded at Rain City Recorders, June 2016

Mixed and Produced by Stuart McKillop

Mastered by Bah Bu Rah



all rights reserved


Heaps Keen Vancouver, British Columbia

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Track Name: Silver Club
if we had the days, i'd know what to say
move past scripted lines delivered the same
and progress made cut by:
and countless inspirations

fast forward too, the hotel line, the cup of tea, or house party
i'm doing it again

my shadows seen, the way i've been, the subtle hints and sober scenes
we're all in this together

as the horse eats the cocktail dreams

been years it seems, since last we've faced these insecurities, but i'm still the same
the shirt still hangs, but i only wear it to remind myself and recognize
we're all in this together

as the horse eats the cocktail dreams

my friend you've seen, the way i've been, forget subtle hints there's no sober scenes

i know this means a lot to you but i've never been sentimental,
the shirt still hangs but i only wear it to remind myself, and recognize

We're All In This Together.
Track Name: Pocket Bible Verse
one more empty wallet walk, towards the road
past our names, written poorly in the snow
and are we here forever? or just till we'll feel better?

i'm sorry i'm late, they blocked the quickest way home

and i'll plead ignorance, or innocence, when it's us i hurt the most

can we please repeat last week? you'd think i'd better by now

too many walks towards your door
losing to the records i set in days before
yesterday i felt, what i wished for
and wordlessly you said to me "i don't need you anymore"

one last fall towards your floor,
the way down seemed so slow and cheap, back in last week

when your eyes meant something to me

but i haven't felt my fingers in minutes, guess i slipped
oh what a shame

and is this the last time, we try again?
cause i guess i slipped,
oh what a shame.
Track Name: Don't You Know Dignity When You See It?

been four days, five days, make it ten
i've seen this before
the worlds been shrinking and i feel tense

alex said it best, the dickhead came and left
and the chicken laid an egg, then contemplated the mistake she'd made

could have cut it there, stopped short without a care,
but we all wake up, one damn shoe at a time

once angels leave we'll dry our skin, then one last dive towards the vin

eggs covered. 357. after a late night of bonding

but the hairs been coated, someone has hold, and no one remembers the stories you told

it's been a few
remind us, will you?
and we'll cut the shit, since the last time you told it

i've never fit on this couch anyway.
Track Name: That's a Paddling, Rob
played crook and hammer to catch but missed the head
gave up lasting to leave instead
under light ignore all you read

does the deathbed fix the crook?
or is it the hammer for him you mistook?

fake distress to hook, but jailed the dead
gave up leaving to lie instead
looked too close and saw your mess

learned trying won't break the crook
the hammer for love, you mistook

four turtles in we've met the crook,
rock bottom reservations booked

your words he took, to set the stage, and on you he left the blame
but lightly you did the same.

is this a joke to you? the shit they put you through?

cause i've given up torture, and dabbled in future

but if the shit they put you through, was just to make a game by you

then fuck it.

Here I Go, Again.
Track Name: Short Straw
i hope i'll have those crazy stories, to talk of when the times are boring
cause everyone just fucking left again

i know i'll have those crazy stories, to think of when my life is boring
cause everyone just fucking left again

those big camp eyes, killed my flashing lights
just like last night, by the half pipe

six more years of nothing, we're just fine

just remember, eventually this will get better
so tell your friends, make them feel sorry
and justify,
Track Name: Slowie
had 20 different ways to say "hello" to you today
but you've brushed me off, without a chance to speak
and now you're talking over me, and i'm questioning
"is this worth what could be?"
cause i haven't had running water for weeks
in a house always stuck, freezing

write it up, explain your best intentions
cause here comes time to cut, feelings, but
seasoned feet, meet short sighted appetite

i've heard your complains and sores
how i never think of anyone before i speak
but on the contrary, i've never had the opportunity
you've done both for me

time and time again i feel it's best i leave
cause i never intend to end on your list of casualties

and at the end of the day, is there anything more to say?

cause you couldn't give a fuck about my story anyway.