College Collage

by Heaps Keen

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released October 21, 2016

Hamish - Guitar
Levi - Lyrics, lead vocals
Rob - Bass, vocals
Cesar - Drums

Recorded at Rain City Recorders, August 2016

Mixed and Produced by Stuart McKillop

Mastered by Bah Bu Rah



all rights reserved


Heaps Keen Vancouver, British Columbia

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Track Name: Quickie
her name comes up, but I'm busy again
and she asks why, so I reply
sometimes, I got better shit to do
than just lie here, having sex with you
Track Name: Fistfull
look mom, I can fly
I've tried a thousand times and each I've felt wanting
of something more

you asked me why I even try
and I thought it myself, till I killed you in my mind

I've met a million people, and had a hundred reason to give up and lose my life
but I know I'd be better off tried
cause I've seen what it's like, to slide by and complain

that every. day. my. life. is. the. same.

and I'm to blame

as long as we can
we fly
Track Name: Accidents, please
take me back to my room
morning, made no mistakes, slept till noon
and woke up beside you

but what's a man to do?

cause I think I love you
and how do I tell you?

reciprocation, don't kid yourself
I'm not worth much and I know it's less than this

so do I leave or stay? I have too
cause I feel like all I say slights, and you'll realize I'm not the big man

a kiss goodbye? what a pleasant surprise

I know not worthy?
but others before me, wound up empty
I know you felt it too

but what's a man to do?
cause I know I love you
and you felt it too
Track Name: Favorite Colours
lately I've been loving the weather, ignoring the time of year
but we're all looking for the summer, let me tell you what's there

long lasting hours, half time, and cold showers
gone all too quickly

so while we're in cheer, celebrate it get's better than here

and move on

while the man with all the answers takes the bus home

last night you asked about the weather, you don't like it here
but we don't pretend, we're best friends
let go I'll steer

where are we going?
we're taking the bus home

and this morning I checked the weather, you'd hate it here
cause you're only in it for the summer
I'll explain what's there:

long lasting hours, warm nights, and new answers

gone all too quickly
Track Name: Sober Boat
hey girl, today I lost my mind, made you cry, and wanted to die
but love living too much to even try
and I'm sorry I tried
but I guess to summarize:

I'm just so fucking scared.

so desperate I'll cling, to nicotine and caffeine
to try and feel something normal
but as hard as I try, I can't get by
and I guess to summarize:

I'm just so fucking scared.

now girl, I'm a failure can't you see? yesterday was not ok, would you please forgive me?

cause desperate, I cling to the happiness your smile brings
however temporary

but thank you girl, you're the one

and our life choices summarized:

we're just so fucking scared.
Track Name: Wrasslin
I've got my .22, out, cocked, and ready for you
cause mirrors never made me feel safe
and I'm finally done with giving up on you
the last straw was last night and the last time I ever want too
it's time, I admit, I'm not safe from you
self sabotage and segregation, out of self induced frustration

unique, I know
but it's true
and I hate that too

put back my .22 at the thought of losing for you
cause I've been scared of ghosts
and my advice to you, have another talk, with my bathroom
cause the last time I thought of you, I tried too

unique I know
but it's true
and the realization, is tough to chew

I'll try another talk, with my bathroom
cause the last time I tried, the desk told me not too

and I know what I've said, is enough proof

I'm not safe from you.